Super Natural Methods

At Super Natural Farms our proprietary methods, sustainable regenerative farming practices, and ideal location result in the highest quality product available Our pure formula and methods provide assurance that the full-spectrum hemp oil you receive is of the highest quality. An Ideal Farming Environment + Healthy Soil + Rigorous Quality Control = Super Natural Full Spectrum Oil delivered to you.


Super Natural

The Wet Mountain Valley is located in the Rocky Mountains in South Central Colorado. Located at an altitude of 7,800 feet, this high elevation allows for pesticide-free, herbicide-free, and fungicide free farming. Add in a supply of clean mountain water from our neighboring 14,000-foot tall mountains at the headwaters of America, and you can see why we selected this site for growing our hemp.


Super Natural Multiple strains 

Our multi-strain methodology ensures that you, the consumer, receive the benefit of optimal major and minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids in each bottle to support the entourage effect and maximize the effectiveness and absorption.

Super Natural Soil

The Wet Mountain Valley is famous for its agricultural qualities and has been the beneficiary of years and years of changes that have led to the existence of naturally rich soil in our organic farm. We plant, nurture, and harvest by hand. We are proud to be stewards of this land and we do our best to protect it for future generations.

Super Natural quality control

Our plant genetics are rigorously selected to produce in our unique environment. They are handled with care and respect all during the growing season. As we harvest, we ensure that we have a crop of the highest quality. Our extraction and bottling processes in an FDA compliant facility are closely monitored, and the resulting oil is third-party lab tested so that we can guarantee the highest quality of a product. It works! When Super Natural Farms products arrive at your door, you can trust that you have a superior, premium quality product.