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  • You really only need the .inf file, but I copy everything, Launch ndisgtk(shown as Windows Wireless Drivers in System-Administration from the Gnome panel), and feel your way from there.
  • This allows you to repair the operating system without losing data.
  • There may be other reasons but corrupted and missing drives are the major reasons why you may see this kind of error when you try using Bluetooth on your PC.

In my case, the scanner works right off the bat, while the printer portion needs a Linux driver from the Canon website. A lot of printer/scanner manufacturers unfortunately neglect the Linux market and provide no drivers for their hardware, so it falls upon the open source community to write their own. That’s how my scanner was able to work without installing anything additional… the SANE package that is part of Mint has the open-source drivers for my model.


Sadly the driver install fails…I think I may have found that same driver package for Win10 under a different name elsewhere as the contents are the same. There are no such things as “stupid” questions. However if you think your question is a bit stupid, then this is the right place for you to post it.

Broadcom Drivers And Management Applications

Ubuntu 8.10’s restricted driver manager let me enable it pretty painlessly (Check the “Broadcom STA Driver” and reboot) and Broadcom has a download page where you can get it. I’ve compiled it manually once or twice for distributions which don’t have packages yet. Last time I installed a Broadcom driver in Ubuntu, the OS downloaded the driver and did the ndiswrapping for me. The Linux kernel devs, on the other hand, get very little in the way of assistance in this respect. Most manufacturers can’t be bothered with supporting Linux, so the majority of Linux drivers have had to be ‘clean-room’ reverse-engineered from their Windoze counterparts broadcom Drivers update…..and that takes time .

Dell Latitude E6430 Drivers Windows 10 64 Bit Download Free Dell Latitude E Broadcom Ush W Swipe Sensor Driver Download

1) 2) 3)most things are working great out of the box. In specialthe touchscreen 1) and the 360 convertable mode 2). One thing missing is the support of the wireless network adapter. Also support for an USB-C docking station works out of the box.

I haven’t had a Broadcom card for many months, but I’ve been told this how-to doesn’t work properly under Dapper. Here are a couple of links that have been passed to me – but I can’t vouch for their quality. I can’t mark it as correct because I can’t test it at the moment . I think I used a different procedure that was a bit simpler though. I’ll try to dig it up, if you want to add it to your answer as well. A better guide to the process (so I do not repeat others’ work) is found atInstall Broadcom Wireless Drivers .



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