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Most people often see misfortunes as destructive experiences. However, there are also those who have gone through arduous periods in their lives and came to later wear those unfortunate experiences like badges of courage.

For the brave ones like Ben Shearn, misfortunes were not something that came to destroy them. If anything, the unfortunate times built them up and transformed them forever. Having experienced and survived the seemingly insurmountable phases of his life, Ben can say with utmost pride that difficulties molded him into the industry leader everyone knows him to be today.

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In this life, no one is immune to getting exposed to a series of scorching trials by fire. And although everyone is the same in the sense that they all get to experience trying times, they tend to be different in how they react to such adversities. While there are some people who lose heart in the face of danger, there are also those who take courage with undaunted spirits. 

Struck by the emergence of major upheavals in his life, Ben Shearn shares that his success journey was not one that was paved with gold. On the contrary, it was a bumpy expedition that sailed through a raging storm. But as a man of faith and valor, Ben was able to make it safely to the shores of greatness where he made his mark and left his legacy. 

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Super Natural Farms was founded in Westcliffe, Colorado, in 2019 by Ben Shearn after winning a battle with rare cancer, dermafibrosarcoma protuberans. He found great help in using hemp and cannabinoids products in defeating his cancer. Today, he helps other people live healthy lives by growing and producing the highest quality results-driven cannabis products in the country.

Ben’s cancer was found in his right arm, and surgery would have disabled the motor function in his arm. In addition, he would have suffered the harmful effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Luckily for him, he discovered that cannabis products significantly helped him toward remission. Today, he still has his functioning right arm.

His victory over cancer made him passionate about hemp and cannabinoids and the potential they have to help people. CBD oil has been scientifically proven to relieve pain, reduce anxiety and depression, alleviate cancer-related symptoms, and benefit heart health, among other things.

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Ben found it necessary to build his own CBD oil company after seeing how profit-driven the industry was, which led to low-quality products with prices higher than they should have been. This type of model would not be sustainable in supporting people with bodily ailments.

Super Natural Farms is proudly located on the Wet Mountain Valley in the Rocky Mountains, South Central Colorado. At 7,800 feet high, the valley allows for pesticide-free, herbicide-free, and fungicide-free farming. The neighboring Sangre De Cristo Mountains supplies the farm with clean and healthy untouched snow meltwater that the farm irrigates its plants with naturally.

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Trying out new things seems to be a blood-curdling pursuit often unwelcomed by the likes of more cautious individuals. To them, this may lead to a myriad of bad decisions that subsequently result in a feeling of regret. But for those whose disposition is built with a stout-hearted backbone and a curious eye, anything that embodies a change of habituation is ordinarily embraced with an open mind, regardless of its novel idiosyncrasies.

As a person who has seen staggering results in changing one’s path and perspective, Ben Shearn can genuinely attest to how the novelty of things revamped his life for the better. And because of how far-reaching his circumstances have improved over time, Ben decides to showcase the beauty of unfamiliarity by introducing a seemingly contentious medical treatment through desirable and unconventional means.

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With its world-class hemp, Super Natural Farms now serves as a premium provider of health and wellness products that are guaranteed to provide the relief they were crafted for, in the first place. The farm is located at the heart of The Wet Mountain Valley, which can be found in the Rocky Mountains in South Central Colorado. Situated at an altitude of 7,800 feet, the high elevation of the farm makes it possible to practice pesticide-free, herbicide-free, and fungicide-free farming. And ideal hemp growing is additionally facilitated by the supply of clean mountain water from the neighboring 14,000-foot tall mountains at the headwaters of America.

At Super Natural Farms, Ben and his team emphasize the use of proprietary methods and sustainable farming practices to plant, nurture, and harvest by hand the raw materials that serve as the base for their high-quality products. They believe in responsible land stewardship, protecting The Wet Mountain Valley so that future generations can enjoy its well-known agricultural qualities.

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In the coming years, it is expected for Ben’s brainchild to lead the CBD industry because of how, as early as now, it is proving to be an example not only on sustainable farming but also on how products should be lab-tested, and CBD should be of the highest quality.

Since its establishment, Super Natural Farms has combined the strengths of an ideal farming environment, healthy soil, and rigorous quality control to deliver a full spectrum of oil that caters to people’s variety of needs.

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