Mindful drinking is about becoming more aware of how your body and mind are affected by alcohol, and how you use alcohol to relate to the people around you. The IAS/Sobertown community has been key to his recovery, actively engaging via the app, attending Zoom meetings and utilising resources available on the sobertownpodcast website.


Sure, each episode isn’t about sobriety, but the ones that are are poignant AF. Host and mega-celeb Dax Shepard (aka Mr. Kristen Bell) interview some of the biggest names about some of the most challenging topics. Make sure to check out “Day 7,” where he candidly speaks about his relapse on opioids after 16 years of sobriety. Jessica Jeboult is a sober girl, addiction and wellness coach, and creator of A Sober Girls Guide community. This podcast has taught me so much, but mainly supported me to become more positive about living a healthier life.

Sobriety + Social Change with Marcos Salazar

They also encourage listeners that their mind, body, and spirit can eventually recover. While damage has been done, they encourage listeners to start healing so they can live a better life. Hence, it is crucial that you make the most out of the resources that help keep you sober. When we aren’t posting here, we build programs to help people quit drinking. When we aren’t posting here, we build programs to help people quit drinking. In each episode, the two former journalism colleagues read and discuss one book about sobriety, self-growth, or surviving.

  • How To Prepare To Be Alcohol-Free How do you prepare to be alcohol-free before you stop drinking completely?
  • In this podcast, moms share their experience of sober parenting.
  • If you’re also using alcohol to ease the symptoms of burnout and perimenopause the…
  • Janey puts a lot of work into her podcast and i am very grateful to her as I am sure are all her listeners.
  • It may seem as if everyone you know is out to happy hour and you’re, well, not.
  • They even have a relatable approach to discussing the not-so-fun aspects of sobriety.

After developing a personal relationship with Jesus, I finally got it licked. She’s a passionate dog mom and animal lover, rescue transport driver, motorcycle enthusiast, and lover of old abandoned buildings. ❤️ Communities like IAS and Sobertown have built the foundation for her sober journey. Mary is still trying to figure out who she is and what she likes to do in sobriety.

Best Sobriety Podcasts to Boost Your Recovery Journey

Guests tell their stories of what it was like, what happened and where they are now. The recovery stories they share are inspiring, funny and touching, providing hope to help others feel like they are not alone. Hosted by recovery coach Angela Pugh, this podcast is here to offer you a fresh perspective on living sober with the support you need. “Being an alcoholic was the best thing that ever happened to me because recovery made me grow up,” says Angela. She knows what it feels like when drinking is taking over your life and destroying everything, which is why she is here to help you get the sober life you want. In my former binge-drinking party girl phase, I assumed sober people were boring AF.

Anthony Hopkins Celebrates 47 Years Sober With Inspiring Message – PEOPLE

Anthony Hopkins Celebrates 47 Years Sober With Inspiring Message.

Posted: Fri, 30 Dec 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Each http://www.medsite.com.ua/medicine_news_418.html Omar interviews individuals who share their journey to recovery and also takes a unique approach by doing live one on one coaching calls for his audience to learn from. Omar helps people break free from unhealthy habits and heal the aspects of their life that impede them from experiencing joy.

Time Takes Time: How To Have Fun In Sobriety

The completely vulnerable and http://www.freebsd.org.ua/news/8284/ account of how Lauren became the recovery meme queen as she worked through her sobriety in real time. Pop Buchanan tells the story about how he got on his knees and begged God to help him. What he learned about life, the way the brain works, and using creativity as a survival tool. Recovery Rocks Recovery rocks, so let’s smash the stigma of addiction and normalize sobriety.


They also invite special guests to take a deeper dive on select themes. A podcast covering episodes with inspiration and illumination on the road to recovery. Best Sobriety podcasts from thousands of podcasts on the web and ranked by traffic, social media followers, domain authority & freshness. After many years of being colleagues and friends, the two coaches decided to collaborate and start Elevation Recovery.

POP Buchanan Drops 2nd Studio Album Sober Is Dope On His B Day

This can mean talking about anything from early recovery to how to plan for a new year to celebrating your soberversary. The Sober Gay is a podcast hosted by Dillan Gay with Aubrey Lee in Denver, Colorado. They started this show as a way to provide much-needed visibility to the sober, queer community. The easy-to-binge episodes cover topics from their last drink to sober sex vs drunk sex to what it’s like to hide your drinking habits “in the closet”. Rachel Hart is a life coach who hosts the Take a Break From Drinking podcast where new episodes drop every Tuesday. “I didn’t feel like a normal drinker, but I also wasn’t an alcoholic,” says Hart.

Although not every episode is centered on sobriety, as a sober woman of color, Jocellyn includes plenty of conversation surrounding recovery. Here are eight of the best addiction recovery podcasts around. This podcast is ideal for women committed to both their sobriety and their kids — and the constant juggling required to manage both. Although the show isn’t currently releasing new episodes, the archives provide evergreen content for mothers in recovery. “I finally woke up to my life after the birth of my first child and have been #mommingsober ever since,” says podcast host, Annika. Recovery Rocks is the podcast that I co-host with my friend/mentor,Lisa Smith, where we talk about all things recovery and rock ‘n roll.

He’s a licensed marriage and family therapist and certified sex addiction therapist who hopes to help folks in recovery by speaking his truth on this very show. Join him as interviews folks from across the recovery spectrum about topics ranging from narcissism to hypnosis to harm reduction and more. Now, she co-hosts Rehab Confidential with Joe Schrank, clinical social worker and founder ofThe Fix. The duo brings you a “unique and irreverent view on the world of addiction, recovery, and rehab.” They chat with an interventionist, a former bank robber, comedians, and everyone in between. Jes Valentine and Kate Zander are two tattooed NYC-based BFFs who ditched booze and became outspoken advocates for the benefits of sobriety. They even have a relatable approach to discussing the not-so-fun aspects of sobriety.

Can you rewire your brain from alcohol?

Once brain cells die, the effect of the brain damage is permanent. Thankfully, some of the changes in the alcoholic brain are due to cells simply changing size in the brain. Once an alcoholic has stopped drinking, these cells return to their normal volume, showing that some alcohol-related brain damage is reversible.



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